Once-Yearly Therapies

Delpor is a biopharmaceutical company that utilizes innovative technologies to develop Once-Yearly Therapies for chronic conditions. Delpor’s technologies enable the sustained release of drugs from a small, non-mechanical (passive), subcutaneous implant device. The device is implanted during a simple, 10-minute, in-office, procedure using a local anesthetic.

We have the capability to deliver therapeutic agents within a predefined therapeutic window over several months while maintaining zero-order release pharmacokinetics.

The benefits of such delivery include improved patient adherence to the medication and the ability to reverse the drug administration if treatment interruption is required. Our delivery technologies also result in fewer AEs and improved efficacy due to a smoother pharmacokinetic profile without any peaks or troughs.

We are currently pursuing 6-12 month formulations of several drugs targeting numerous chronic conditions.